The logo of Atlas Hall with the Pali word "panna", conveys the theme that wisdom can be attained through education. Impelled by this concept late Mr.Felix R de Zoysa established Atlas Hall in 1946.

Atlas Hall commenced its pioneering work by publishing educational publications in all three national media - Sinhala, Tamil and English. There were Self Study Courses, Model Questions and Answers and Past Examination Papers with Model Answers in all subjects in the school curriculum. There were also correspondence courses in English and several other subjects for the benefit of students unable to continue their schooling, as well as for those who wanted to enhance the knowledge they already possessed.

Atlas Hall now produces pass examination papers with answers for G.C.E. O/L & A/L examinations plus other educational publication. For complete list of these publication and services,

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Atlas Hall has a wide network of over 100 Agents for the sale of its publications throughout Sri Lanka.

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